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Full Name :   Spencer Jablonski
Gender :   male
Age :   35
State :   Indiana
Country :   United States
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A great morning!
sub-category : Bass Fishing
img 10-19-2010

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Well all I can say is this picture explains it all! My great fishing buddy Duke was with me on this foggy April morning for an exciting morning of fishing. We were cruzing along the shoreline looking for some big ol' largemouth to be catching some rays in the shallows when we came across this hog. This particular morning I was fishing with a 7' Medium action St. Croix Avid rod spooled with 6lb. 100% Flurocarbon line. My lure of choice was a 1/4 oz. black and blue homemade finesse jig tipped with a jr. chunk zoom trailer. We approached the point of this pennisula and I was throwing the jig about an inch from the shoreline when I felt the slight tick a little different then your normal milfoil weed. I knew it was a fish and I set the hook and it was on. The bass tried everything to throw my jig and get lose but I managed to keep it hooked long enough to be able to get it in the boat. It was a trophy by anyones standards weighing in at 5 pounds 12 ounces. A great day to remember!
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